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Lavender Latte Seasonal Flavor

Lavender Latte Seasonal Flavor

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Bamboo's house-made sprouted almond milk is infused with lavender flowers, lavender extract and honey to give this delicious coffee beverage a smokey, smooth and slightly sweet flavor. It is the perfect morning beverage to spice up your coffee routine and provide a healthy and filling snack or breakfast alternative.


  • Energizing
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Mood Enhancer


  • Water
  • Sprouted Almonds
  • Cold Brew
  • Honey
  • Lavender
  • Sea Salt
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Hand bottled at Serenbe

Serenbe is a sustainable live/work community located in Chattahoochee Hills, GA, just 45 minutes southwest of Atlanta, GA. Bamboo’s only storefront and zero waste kitchen is nestled in Serenbe’s quaint Mado neighborhood. Serenbe boasts a 25-acre organic farm, to which Bamboo donates all of their compost created from juicing. Bamboo employees hand bottle each juice, almond milk, smoothie, and elixir in the Serenbe kitchen in recyclable glass bottles. All of the 100% organic produce used in Bamboo products is sourced sustainably and responsibly - some of it even comes from the Serenbe farm!