About Bamboo's Products

How long do Bamboo's Juices last?

Properly stored, refrigerated below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, Bamboo's juices and almond milks last 3-4 days. Its just as if you made your own fresh squeezed orange juice. You wouldn’t want to drink it a week after it had been made.

Can I substitute or modify the ingredients in a juice?

Unfortunately, we can not accommodate any requests for substitutions or ingredient modifications at this time.

When do you make my juice?

We juice daily and we juice to order based on your delivery date! You can't get fresher juice to your door, unless you juice it!

What size are your juices?

All of our juices, smoothies, and almond milks are 15 oz, with the exception of our mini bottles and elixirs, which are both 5 oz.

Does Bamboo recycle its bottles?

YES! We ask that you leave any old bottles and ice packs outside each time you are scheduled for a delivery so Bamboo’s delivery team can take them to be recycled. We recommend you keep a few bottles to use for water bottles or otherwise, but recycle any excessive bottles you may have.

How many juices should I drink per day?

Listen to your body! What is good for me may not be good for you. When many people first start juicing we recommend we drink 2 or 3 juices per week and then find themselves craving juice. It sounds weird but as your body becomes more nourished and less dependent on processed food you will experience a similar shift. Many customers now drink 2-3 juices per day and 1 almond milk. If you really listen to your body, you will not become burnt out. Slowly, juice will naturally become a part of your every day diet.

What is the difference: juice vs. smoothie?

Juices are cold pressed through a juicing bag for optimal nutrition! Smoothies are blended with whole fruits and veggies, full of fiber and thicker!

Do any Bamboo products contain caffeine?

Some Bamboo products contain caffeine in the form of organic cold brew, mushroom coffee, cacao and or Matcha. Here is a list of products in descending order that contain caffeine.

Green Matcha Blend
Creamy Cold Brew
Coffee Almond
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Lavender Latte
Deep Chocolate

Are Bamboo Juices keto friendly?

Seasonal Greens, Dandelion, Gingered Greens, Pure Celery, Pure Almond Milk, Elderberry Milk

Is all sugar created equal? Are there additives in your juice?

We do not add any processed sugars to any of our products! We only use whole, real foods such as dates, honey, maple syrup and apples that add sweetness.

Where can I find nutritional information on Bamboo products?

Nutrition facts for all Bamboo products are located on each product page. Once you navigate to the product for which you would like to learn more information, there is a toggle under the product photo that allows you to see the nutrition facts for that particular product.

Peanut or Almond Allergy?

Please be advised that all Bamboo products are produced using shared equipment and may contain traces of peanuts and or tree nuts.

About Bamboo's

Why Is Bamboo Different?

Why are Bamboo Juices different from the juices I buy at the grocery store?

Bamboo juices are RAW! Our juices have a short shelf life because they are ALIVE! They have not undergone a pasteurization process that keeps the juice from spoiling. The short shelf life makes it difficult for stores to carry raw juice products, therefore Bamboo sells all its juices direct to consumer.

Fruits and veggies were not intended to have a long shelf life. We don’t eat spinach that is a month old so why do we choose to drink fruit and vegetable juice that is a month old??? We highly recommend buying raw juice or making your own to get the health transformating benefits of raw juice, which you cannot get from store bought HPP or traditionally pasteurized juice.

Are Bamboo's juices any different from other cold pressed companies?

YES! Bamboo’s recipes are created by our CEO, Kelley Sibley, who has conducted years of research on the health benefits of different types of juice. Our juices are not random fruits and veggies thrown together, but instead are a precise combination (never more than 5 individual ingredients) of easily digested nutrients that help maximize the benefits of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes being ingested. Once Kelley comes up with the most nutritionally dense ingredient combinations, Bamboo works with local chefs to finalize the recipes so that your juice is packed with nutrients while being delicious!

Why should I buy your almond milks rather than just get it at the store?

Look at the back of a box of almond milk purchased at the store. There are usually about 5 ingredients on the box you have never heard of. In particular, carrageenan is found in most store bought almond (including organic) milks, and research has shown that carrageenan causes inflammation throughout the body. Many doctors believe inflammation is the root of all illness and disease.

If you look at the ingredients in Bamboo’s almond milk, we only have two: water and almonds. Bamboo keeps it simple, the way nature intended. We always recommend our customers make their own almond milk or buy it from Bamboo.

What is raw, and why should I care?

Raw means unprocessed or unaltered from its original form. Beyond the inital cold-pressed extraction (juicing), Bamboo's products are bottled in glass and refrigerated only. No additional measures are taken to extend the shelf-life. Why is this important? The process of pasteurization (HPP or other) reduces the amount of vital nutrients, enzymes and minerals that are naturally found in raw juice. The trade off for skipping this step means a much shorter shelf-life (4-5 days), but a stronger commitment to offering the most nutrient-dense, raw juices on the market you'll both taste and feel!

What is the difference between raw, HPP, cold pressed, and heat pasturization

Raw means no heat or pasteurization has been applied, leaving all of the produces naturally occuring, vital nutrients, enzymes, minerals in tact.
HPP is a commonly used pasteurization technique to extend a products shelf life, with the tradeoff of killing many of the juices critical nutrients, enzymes, and minerals which make raw juice transformative to your health. At Bamboo we never use HPP or any other pasteurization method.
Cold Pressed means no heat has been used when pressing the produce, allowing all nutrients to maintain in tact. However, some juice brands then use HPP which in terns harms many of the vital nutrients. At Bamboo, we both cold press and maintain the juices raw state, aka no pasteurization.

What is pasteurization?

Pasteurization is the process of heating the juice to kill any bacteria that might be in the fruits and veggies. However, this also kills off the beneficial enzymes and nutrients in the juice. In order to preserve these beneficial nutrients, Bamboo Juices does not heat pasteurize or HPP any of our products.

Be advised that unpasteurized products may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems. Please speak with your doctor if you are concerned about consuming unpasteurized products.

What does cold pressed mean?

Cold-pressed is the process of removing the juice from a fruit or veggie without any heat. As discussed in the pasteurization question above, heat destroys essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes you want and need in your juice. Cold-pressed is also a juicing process that removes the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the fruit and veggie.

Why is Bamboo

How do I get Bamboo?

How do I get Bamboo Juices in my fridge?

The easiest way to get Bamboo juices and almond milks is to order on line right HERE! Select your juices, check out, and select the day you would like your products delivered to your doorstep. Local delivery is FREE! Bamboo Juices also has a pickup location south of Atlanta, or we can ship to many areas of the US through UPS.

Learn more about delivery, pickup and shipping.

Am I local Atlanta delivery, or UPS Shipping? How do I know?

Within your shopping cart, enter your zip code to find out! Or check out the zip codes we cover locally and states we ship to HERE

Can I pick up Bamboo juices anywhere?

YES! Come visit us at our store front within Serenbe. A wellness community located south of Atlanta.
11150 Serenbe Lane STE 100
Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268

How do I start a subscription?

Creating a subscription order is much like placing a one-time order. Only difference? You can set it and forget it, and save 5% in the process!

First navigate to the product page for the items that you wish to make a recurring order for. Set a quantity for your item, select the bubble next to "Subscribe & Save 5%", choose the frequency that you would like to receive your order and click "ADD TO SUBSCRIPTION"

Repeat this for all items that you wish to add to your subscription order. Please note there is a $30 minimum order for all subscriptions.

Then proceed to the Cart page and follow the prompts to finish checkout.

You may adjust or update your subscription order at anytime. Please create a Bamboo account on the site to gain access to this feature. Through your Bamboo account you can also skip, pause or cancel an order at anytime.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

No refunds or cancellations

Can Bamboo cater my next event?

YES! We would love to provide juice for your next event! You can either place the order directly through the site, or email us to speak to the kitchen team directly.

Are your juices available for wholesale?

Yes, if you're interested in purchasing Bamboo in large group orders for an event or gathering, we'd be more than happy to assist. These juices are not available for resale.

How do I get


Why should I cleanse?

Our digestive and detoxification systems are constantly working to remove old waste in order to keep your body healthy. Sometimes, it needs a rest. Resting your system allows your body to expend more energy fighting disease, revitalizing your organs and restoring your beautiful glow. All things in nature need rest, including our vital organs.

Can I substitute the juices in my cleanse?

Unfortunately, we can not accommodate any substitutions at this time. We recommend purchasing our Build Your Own Cleanse if you would like to choose your own cleanse flavors. Alternatively, all of our products are available for individual purchase.