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Subscription #1

Weekly Wellness Bundle

Great for ensuring maximum nutrients with minimal effort. Tasty combos, that are packed with greens, antioxidants, and a big boost of vitamins.


Subscription #2

Family Favorites Bundle

The Bamboo’s even our kids crave. Keep these stocked for a healthy breakfast add-on or afternoon pick me up. Bonus points for adding extra veggies in a delicious, quick fashion. None of the additives, all of the nutrient-dense goodness. 


Subscription #3

Exercise Endurance & Recovery Bundle

Maximize your efforts by fueling your body with what it needs most. These smoothies, juices, and elixirs are an easy add-on to your fitness routine to ensure proper nutrition for better workouts and faster recovery.


Subscription #4

Healthy Habit Bundle

Keep that post cleanse feeling (and glow) going by incorporating a Bamboo juice into your day. These juices help keep an alkaline state in your body, while flushing your system with vital nutrients.


Subscription #5

Clean Greens Bundle

Experience the transformative benefits of celery juice and boost from our potent elixirs. This is a staff favorite combo!


Why choose Bamboo?

USDA Organic Certified

Every single ingredient is 100% raw and organic to provide you with optimal nutrition.

Norwalk Cold Pressed Juice Machine

We use the industrial Norwalk machine—the exact machine used by holistic healing centers.

Small Batches

Every batch is pressed in small amounts (approximately 6-10 bottles) to ensure the maximum amount of nutrients extracted from our organic fruits and vegetables.

Simple Ingredients

Each health tonic contains no more than 5 simple ingredients so that your body can easily absorb the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes found in the variety of organic produce used.

Hand Bottled

Every single batch of juice is hand bottled by Bamboo staff to guarantee that there is no oxidation, heat, or any other variables that can damage the nutrients in our products after being pressed. For local deliveries, our products are bottled in glass. For shipment deliveries, they’re bottled in recyclable plastic.

Meet Kelley Sibley

Founder and CEO behind Bamboo

Bamboo was born right out of her parent’s kitchen after 15 years of studying diets and cultures, while undergoing her own personal health journey. She studied people in over 40 countries, especially in areas with a large number of “centenarians” (people who live over the age of 100). Kelley was inspired by the work of Max Gerson. By mimicking some of his protocols to create high quality juices, Kelley’s life transformed and she became a completely different person (mind, body, and soul). Bamboo became a labor of love sharing how health transformative juicing is when done the right way.

Made With Love At Serenbe

Serenbe is an organic 25-acre sustainable live/work community located in Chattahoochee Hills, GA (just 45 minutes southwest of Atlanta, GA.). Within its quaint Mado neighborhood, you’ll find Bamboo’s only storefront and zero waste kitchen. Every juice, almond milk, smoothie, and elixir is made with 100% organic produce sourced sustainably and responsibly and hand bottled. For local deliveries, our products are bottled in glass. For shipment deliveries, they’re bottled in recyclable plastic.