Woo-hoo - You're Doing Great!


Congrats on taking great care of yourself! Your immune system is most likely able to withstand being exposed to colds and flus without becoming really sick. 

Kelley’s Top picks for you: Pure Celery, Feel Better Elixir, Dandelion, Gingered Greens

When you feel yourself becoming run down, make sure to drink lots of water, rest and consider increasing your intake of alkalizing foods and beverages like fruits, green veggies and raw, organic, cold pressed juice.  

My personal favorite remedy when feeling run down is to add one of Bamboo’s green juices like the Pure Celery and the feel better elixir into my daily routine.

All of Bamboo’s green juices contain the nutrients of several pounds of greens and the feel better elixir is packed with vitamin C and the potent anti-inflammatory foods, turmeric and ginger. 

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