Nice job! You're Almost There


With a little extra work and a few immune added immune boosters to your daily routine, you should be in peak condition to withstand the cold and flu season this year. Here are 3 simple tips to consider adding to your daily routine. 

Kelley’s top picks for you: Banana Bok Choy Smoothie, Feel Better Elixir, Dark Greens and Seasonal Greens. 

Here are your tips to stay healthy during this flu season:

  1. Add a smoothie to your breakfast and/or snack routine. Smoothies are loaded with fiber which feed the “good” bacteria in your gut. Its the “good” bacteria that will help you stay healthy when our immune system becomes exposed to a cold or flu. Bamboo’s banana bok choy is the perfect breakfast replacement as it is loaded with fiber, plant based protein and alkalizing greens. 
  2. Get fresh air, spend time outside and try to get some vitamin D. Spending time outdoors daily is key to staying healthy. Even if its cold outside bundle up and take a short walk. Taking yourself outside of environments where colds and flu germs could be present will give your immune system a break from constantly trying to ward off potential illnesses.
  3. Add a daily elixir or shot of potent herbs to your routine. Bamboo’s feel better elixir is my personal favorite. It is loaded with cold pressed ginger which has tons of vitamin C to boost your immune system. You can also rotate the elixir you take daily to ensure you reap the benefits of various different herbs and plants. 

Ultimately my favorite juices for YOU is the dark greens and seasonal greens.

Both contain the nutrients of several pounds of produce and are easy to consume. Consuming one of these per day during flu season will ensure your immune system is strong enough to ward off potential illnesses. 

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