Why you should cleanse seasonally for a longer, healthier life!

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Fasting is a powerful tool with deep roots in human history and unlike other ancient practices, contains a myriad of health benefits including allowing us to live healthier longer lives. Cleansing is an incredible way to fast, while allowing our bodies to take in a maximum amount of nutrients and heal. When we break from constantly digesting, our organs divert that energy towards healing. Cleansing allows our bodies to eliminate toxins, clears our minds of brain fog, decreases body fatigue, feeds our gut microbiome and flora, strengthens our immune systems, fights chronic disease, reduces inflammation, and more!

WHY CLEANSE with Bamboo Juices?

When deciding to embark on a cleanse, it is extremely important to only cleanse with juice that is raw, organic, and cold-pressed. Otherwise, you are taking in juice that lacks nutrients and converts to sugar in the body. Our juices at Bamboo are raw, organic, cold-pressed, and made in small batches so our bodies absorb all nutrients in their purest form. Juices sold in the grocery store are stripped of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes through pasteurization and mass production. Juices with a shelf life longer than 5 days lack the nutrition and microorganisms that are needed for cleansing and overall health. Supporting a small business like ours, ensures you are getting the highest quality possible.


See which cleanse is best for you!

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