What are Greens Powders lacking in comparison to raw, organic, cold-pressed juice!?!?

Greens Powder ads are enticing and seem like an easy way to get your veggies in, but these powders sold by big companies lack the vital nutrients our bodies need to detox, heal, strengthen immunity, and be energized.
So, what do raw, organic, cold-pressed juices have that these greens powders don't?
1. Cold-pressed juices retain more nutrients. The raw fruits/veggies are gently pressed to extract juice without exposing it to heat, preserving vital enzymes, antioxidants, minerals that hot drying depletes.
2. Whole food ingredients provide greater phytonutrient diversity via combinations of minerals/vitamins from multiple fresh sources like carrots, beets, ginger, kale, apples. Powders isolate ingredients.
3. Cold-pressed juices contain nutritious fiber lending gut health properties that aid cleansing. No fiber remains in dried powders.
4. Raw juices deliver electrolytes, flavonoids, hydration vital for cleanses. Reconstituting powders cannot fully restore these.
5. Enzymes and probiotics in raw juices boost digestion and microbiome balance to optimize detox processes during cleanses. Heating destroys these health-promoting compounds.
So while vegetable powders supply some nutritional value in concentrated form, raw organic cold-pressed juice cleanses leverage whole food synergies, hydration and nutritional integrity to truly nourish, cleanse and revitalize.

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