Our Purpose as a Women-Owned Company

Female entrepreneurs make up approximately ⅓ of all entrepreneurs worldwide. That number is constantly growing, though, and we're proud to be part of the growing population of women-owned companies worldwide.

Bamboo Juices has always been about so much more than just selling juice. We give back to our community by purchasing produce from locally owned farms- while also purchasing all organic produce. We give back to the planet as a whole by participating in 1% For the Planet and giving 1% of our proceeds to benefit the environment.

All of these efforts are part of Bamboo’s overarching goal to be a force for positive change. Being women-owned and run gives us a unique perspective and initiative to leave our planet better than we found it, both for our own families and everyone around us.

No matter your reasons for drinking our juice, we thank you for your support of our business and its purpose!

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