Liver Strengthening Lemon Ginger

lemon ginger detox
Our fan fav Lemon Ginger is liver strengthening, detoxifying, and immune boosting! The perfect remedy for promoting wellness during these winter months. Lemon does wonders for your liver and is important as we tend to drink more around the holidays!!

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  1. Lemon contains antioxidants like vitamin C that help detoxify the liver. Our liver processes everything we eat and drink, becoming overloaded with toxins during times of overconsumption like holidays. The vitamin C in lemon water supports our liver's natural cleansing processes.
  2. The citric acid in lemon helps our liver optimize the flow of bile and digestive enzymes. Bile from the liver is used for fat digestion. With extra heavy foods at holiday parties and meals, lemon water can stimulate and flush out that excess bile.
  3. Lemons help keep us hydrated, including the liver itself which needs water to function well. During times when alcohol consumption tends to increase, water intake often drops off, impacting liver functioning and overall health. Staying well-hydrated with lemon water protects liver cells and their metabolic processes.
  4. Our raw, organic, cold-pressed Lemon Ginger juice on an empty stomach early in the day is a particularly good liver tonic. The warm liquid helps stimulate the liver after long hours of sleep without food. The lemon's vitamin C and antioxidants prime the liver to effectively handle the coming day's tasks of detoxification and fat digestion. Starting the day with this simple tonic establishes good supportive habits for liver health during the holidays and always.


lemon ginger

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