Kelley Henry Gets Us Juicy!

On Episode 40 of Paulette Gloria Rigo's Thriving in Chaos podcast, Kelley gets us juicy! More details on where to listen here.



Kelley is a passionate lover of all things JUICE.

Juice is big business in the US, and it takes a lot of work, tons of organic produce, and precision timing to make a good clean, healthy juice.

Kelley should she had made certified organic cold-pressed juice for over five years when she opened Bamboo Juices here in Georgia after making it in her mom's kitchen. Paulette met Kelley at her kitchen tour and was overwhelmed by her skill and knowledge of being able to grow a brave business as a female entrepreneur that is changing the lives of so many for the better. Juicing can make a difference in healing and detoxifying the human body and soul.

She began her journey as a burnt-out Archeology graduate who traveled to over 40 countries studying Blue Zone cultures. Kelley found herself exhausted, eating a diet of processed foods, having severe cystic acne, and battling depression. So how did Bamboo come into fruition?

It's so crazy how things come together and transpire. Kelley traveled around the world and lived in tons of different places and learned so much about other culture's diets and healthy living. 

"After 15 years of moving from one place to the next, I came back to my home town and became really unhealthy, which lead to an undiagnosed illness. Luckily, I came across the work of Dr. Max Gerson and became inspired to start juicing to improve my health. Slowly but surely, I began to feel better.

There was no cold-pressed juice that encompassed what I believe every juice should have to be truly transforming to your health. I started making the juices and almond milk in my mom's kitchen using spices from India, fruits from local farmers, superfoods from Asia and a whole host of other ingredients that inspired me and got me excited about health.

Friends and family started buying the juices and milk and one thing lead to another. Next thing I knew I was in a meeting with the director at Serenbe, Garnie Nygren. We hit it off, and she became not only a dear friend but my business partner.

We now have our own kitchen, tons of employees, free home delivery and are selling it all over Atlanta.

I believe that when you have a product that you are passionate about, is creative, innovative, and helping others transform their life for the better, the sky is the limit!"

Reach out to Kelley personally at and follow her on Facebook and Instagram @BambooJuices

Ordering is easy and the juice is genuinely delicious

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