How to improve your gut health- which is closely tied to your overall health!

cleanse for better gut health
The health of our guts is closely tied to our overall health and immune health. Our guts are truly like biomes filled with good (and sometimes bad) bacteria. Did you know 70% of our immune system is in our gut? The goal is to put good in, and keep good in! "Eating the rainbow” is important for our gut’s microbiome. Eating a variety of colors ensures all the parts are functioning in optimal condition. 
Think of your microbiome as like a micro-bug staff that are made up of different experts for different jobs, but all working together. To maintain optimal health, we need to ensure that all departments are adequately staffed, and that all teams are appropriately proportionate. A healthy microbiome has all departments busily working on different functions, while an unhealthy microbiome has departments that have been shut down or are understaffed, so not working properly.
One way to reset your body, gut, and feed your microbiome is to do a cleanse.  Cleanses are incredible for detoxing your organs and making way for the nutrients and vitamins your body needs! Completing a 1-3 day cleanse seasonally is an amazing way to detox, increase energy, improve organ function, boost your immune system, achieve mental clarity, decrease inflammation, prevent chronic disease, and more.

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