How Fresh are Bamboo's Juices and Almond Milks?

Bamboo is 100% committed to making the highest quality and healthiest juices and almond milks. All of our juices are freshly made to order with a strict policy to get them in your hands only hours after they have been made.

By cold-pressing the juices early in the morning or late in the eveing depending on your selected delivery time, we are able to ensure your juices and milks were made just before they reach your home. Every juice is made in small batches, hand bottled, with 100% organic produce and with the highest quality ingredients on the market.

Our freshness and detailed processes ensure you get the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in each bottle and that our products are more than juices and almond milks but truly transforming health tonics.

Come and see and experience what Bamboo is all about at one of our kitchen tours. Look for upcoming dates on our weely mailchimps.


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