How does gut health affect our immune system?

gut health and immunity
How does gut health affect our immune system? 70% of our immune system is located in the gut! You likely know what we eat affects our energy levels and weight; but, did you know it also has a huge effect on our gut microbiome which controls our immune function? Nutrition is a key modulator of our immune system. Cleansing is vital for detoxing your organs and making way for the nutrients and vitamins your body needs! The Founder of Bamboo Juices, Kelley Sibley, recommends cleansing every season. If you haven’t cleansed yet this season, now is a great time- especially since cold season is here!
bamboo juices greens cleanse

Our Greens Cleanse is amazing for ridding the gut of toxins and rebooting the body. This optimizes organ function and boosts immunity!



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