3 of our favorite & easy breakfasts on the go!

Morning rush got you in a tizzy? 😵‍💫 Start your morning easy, and nourish your body with our mineral-rich juices, smoothies, and sprouted almond milks. Did you know having even a light breakfast before coffee is an amazing way to prevent cortisol levels from spiking?


Here are the major benefits of drinking raw, organic, cold-pressed juice / smoothies / or sprouted almond milk first thing in the morning:
1. Hydrates and energizes - nutrients, and electrolytes in the juice hydrate after the fluid loss overnight, energizing you to start the day
2. Aids digestion - enzymes and acids get the digestive system moving smoothly first thing, setting you up to break down foods eaten later
3. Alkalizes - balances the body's pH before ingesting acidic foods like coffee which disrupt pH
4. Boosts immunity - Vitamin C, polyphenols, and nutrients equip the body to fend off pathogens, preventing you from catching seasonal bugs
5. Reduces inflammation - Compounds cut down on inflammatory pathways active first thing, reducing joint pain, puffiness and bloat


3 of our favorite bottles for breakfast:

banana bok choy bamboo juices

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