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Why Start Your Juicing Journey Today?

P R E V E N T I O N!

Our food is extremely nutrient deficient!

“raw broccoli, average calcium levels dropped 53 percent, riboflavin declined 48 percent, thiamine nosedived 35 percent and niacin 29 percent”

- Department of Agriculture, Statistical Measurements

Because of these statistics, Bamboo Juices believes simply eating healthy is no longer enough! We all must commit to juicing to supplement our nutrient deficient food. Sometimes life gets busy and we forget to juice at home or run by a juice store. For this reason, setting up monthly and free home delivery is key to maintaining your health and juice goals. Explore our juices here. Here's what our customers have to say about Bamboo Juices:

We now offer 5% off ALL your orders on all monthly subscription. This is our way to encourage you to start the practice of juicing.

Watch this short video of how Kelley, the founder of Bamboo, began her juicing journey:

What Is My Monthly Variety Pack?

Bamboo believes in eating seasonally and consuming produce that has just been harvested. For this reason, we have monthly flavors that contain the produce that is currently in season.

Each monthly delivery will be different to ensure you are able to try various products on the menu and regularly consume “in-season” health tonics.

Each delivery will be a variety of almond milks, smoothies, elixirs and juices packaged in both mini bottles (5-ounces) and large bottles (15-ounces). Regardless of the month and flavor, there will always be 6 different products in your monthly delivery.

Why Choose Bamboo Juices For My Monthly Variety Pack?

The creator of Bamboo Juices, Kelley Sibley, used juicing to heal her own body after a health scare in her mid-twenties. After lots of research and trial and error on her own body she discovered not all juice is created equal and there are some critical steps to follow in order to make a truly health-transformative juice. Here are the 7 components Kelley believes are essential to making a single Bamboo Juice and whats sets Bamboo apart from other juice companies on the market:

Watch this short video to hear Kelley speak about how Bamboo is different from other juice companies on the market:

How Fresh Is Bamboo’s Juice?

Bamboo is 100% committed to making the highest quality and healthiest juices and almond milks. All of our juices are freshly made to order with a strict policy to get them in your hands only hours after they have been made. Every juice is made in small batches, hand-bottled, with 100% organic produce and with the highest quality ingredients on the market. Our freshness and detailed processes ensure you get the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in each bottle and that our products are more than juices and almond milks—they are truly transforming health tonics.

How Do I Sign Up For My Monthly Variety Pack Subscription Today?

#1 Visit the “kits page” of our website:

#2 Click on the item labeled “Monthly Variety Pack”

#3 Select the date you would like to receive your variety pack each month

#4 Enjoy your monthly juices!

The monthly variety pack can be cancelled or skipped as long as you give us 48-hour notice. You can skip or cancel the order any time with absolutely no charges. To do this, log into your account at or send us an email at