Cleanses USDA certified Organic


Bamboo offers several different body cleansing formulas. Our cleanses contain 6 or 7 different health tonics specifically designed to rid your body of harmful toxins and optimize its natural functionality. Bamboo recommends cleansing for 3 days to ensure your body has time to fully rest, reboot and re-energize. However, even cleansing for a single day can have enormous positive benefits on your body's health. In addition to our targeted cleanses, you have the option to build your own cleanse if there are certain juices you would like to replace with your personal favorites! 15 fl. oz. per bottle.

Cleanse- 1 Day Build Your Own

All juicing is beneficial for your body. It provides your body tons of vitamins, minerals and enzymes you can’t get from eating a few pieces of vegetables. The fastest and most natural way to get the nutrients and minerals you need to enhance your overall body function is consistent juicing. Because of the large amount of nutrients, doctors have used juices to transform the health of his patients. The point is, no matter which juice you choose from on our menu you are doing your body a favor. Choose 5 juices and 1 flavored almond milk you love and enjoy the cleanse!

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